Mathematical Reasoning randomised control trial

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The Mathematics and Reasoning programme develops children’s understanding of the logical principles underlying mathematics and lasts for 12 weeks, with children receiving one hour of instruction per week. Teachers are trained for one day and lessons are all delivered through electronic resources and through online games that the children can access at school and at home. The impact of the programme is being evaluated as a randomised trial.


Stokes, L., Hudson-Sharp, N. and Dorsett, R. (2019) You can count on it – how mathematical reasoning can help children do the maths, NIESR blog

Stokes, L., Hudson-Sharp, N., Dorsett, R., Rolfe, H., Anders, J., George, A., Buzzeo, J. and Munro-Lott, N. (2018) Mathematical Reasoning. Education Endowment Foundation evaluation report


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