Evaluation of Work-Focused Interviews for Partners and the revamped New Deal for Partners

[ employment-and-welfare  difference-in-differences  instrumental-variables  ]

Work Focused Interviews for Partners (WFIPs) were introduced in April 2004 in all Jobcentre Plus offices. Partners of those claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance, Income Support, Incapacity Benefit or Severe Disablement Allowance were now required to attend a single interview to discuss the possibility of working. An important role of a WFIP was to promote the New Deal for Partners (NDP). This had existed in some form since 1999 but was enhanced at the same time WFIPs were introduced, having been re-modelled along the lines of the New Deal for Lone Parents. This was a voluntary programme offering a range of support to help partners consider taking up employment. Eligibility was similar to that for WFIP except that those in receipt of Carer’s Allowance are also eligible. This project evaluated the impact of WFIP and NDP on benefit receipt and employment. Specifically, it was concerned with the extent to which WFIP influences participation in NDP and the extent to which WFIP and NDP affect labour market outcomes.


Dorsett, R., Haile, G. and Speckesser, S. (2006) Work-focused Interviews for Partners (WFIP) and enhanced New Deal for Partners (NDP): quantitative impact assessment DWP Research Report 352


Department for Work and Pensions