Evaluation of the JSA Skills Conditionality Pilot

[ employment-and-welfare  randomised-trial  ]

The Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) Skills Conditionality Pilot was launched in April 2010 with the aim of exploring the labour market effects of mandating participation in training. The pilot targeted JSA claimants who had an identified skills need. It was based on a random assignment design whereby the requirement to participate would be imposed on the basis of National Insurance number to half of those referred to training. If carried out effectively, differences revealed through a comparison of outcomes post-randomisation can be viewed as being caused by the conditionality. This study used administrative data to provide details on the implementation of the pilot and whether it could be used to provide valid estimates of the impact of mandation. In addition, qualitative analysis explored the experiences and views of participants of mandated claimants, Jobcentre Plus advisers and training providers.


Dorsett, R., Rolfe, H. and George, A. (2011) The Jobseeker’s Allowance Skills Conditionality Pilot DWP Research Report 768


Department for Work and Pensions