Family Group Conferencing at pre-proceedings stage
Evaluating the impact of referral to Family Group Conferences on child's care status one year later

Supervision of Designated Safeguarding Leads in primary schools
Randomised trial of providing social workers to supervise Designated Safeguarding Leads in secondary schools

Using Research Tools to Improve Language in the Early Years
Using Research Tools to Improve Language in the Early Years

Evaluation of Individual Placement and Support
Randomised trial of employment support for people whose health is an obstacle to work

Embedding Formative Assessment randomised control trial
Evaluation of a professional development programme encouraging teachers to structure learning around evidence of pupils' progress

Mathematical Reasoning randomised control trial
Evaluating the impact on attainment of an intervention to enhance understanding of the mathematics fundamentals

Improving Working Memory randomised control trial
Evaluating the effect of a working memory intervention on attainment among low-achieving primary school children

Programme of research into adult English and Maths
Evaluating the relative effectiveness of blended learning and face-to-face tuition on skills; examination of skills gain and loss following training

Parental engagement intervention randomised control trial
Evaluating the effect of a parental engagement intervention on child attainment

Work Programme evaluation - effectiveness of providers
Assessing the delivery factors driving performance variations across Work Programme providers, and its effect on young people

Evaluation of the JSA Skills Conditionality Pilot
Evaluating the employment and welfare effects of compulsory training for JSA claimants

The Employment Retention and Advancement demonstration
Evaluating the employment, earnings and welfare effects of a piloted package of in-work support

Evaluation of New Deal 25 Plus for the over- 50s
Evaluating the employment effect of extending full New Deal requirements to older JSA claimants