Evaluation of National Tuition Partners
Evaluating the impact of Tuition Partners on pupil attainment

Evaluation of HMP Peterborough social impact bond
Evaluating the effect of HMP Peterborough's "One Service" - the world's first Social Impact Bond - on reoffending

Evaluation of Traineeships
Evaluating the impact of Traineeships on young people's learning and employment outcomes

Propensity score matching paper
Review of the use of propensity score matching in evaluations of labour market programmes

Targeted Refreshment Sampling
Exploration of refreshment samples as a means of compensating for survey non-response

Evaluation of Work-Based Learning for Adults
Evaluating the employment and earnings effects of a training programme for benefit claimants

Evaluation of Joint Claims for JSA
Evaluating the effects of extending JSA conditionality to the partners of Jobseeker's Allowance claimants