Family Group Conferencing at pre-proceedings stage
Evaluating the impact of referral to Family Group Conferences on child's care status one year later

Supervision of Designated Safeguarding Leads in schools
Randomised trials of the impact of providing social workers to supervise Designated Safeguarding Leads in schools

Evaluation of Individual Placement and Support
Randomised trial of employment support for people whose health is an obstacle to work

Education and its effects on income and mortality of older men
Estimating the effects of education on the income, health and survival of older men

Intergenerational Dynamics in Learning Engagement, Life Chances and Well-Being of Young People
An examining of intergenerational transmission of education and, separately, a consideration of variations in subjective well-being by ethnicity and migration ancestry.

Psychological distress among JSA claimants
Examination of how mental well-being changes with length of time claiming Jobseeker's Allowance

The Employment Retention and Advancement demonstration
Evaluating the employment, earnings and welfare effects of a piloted package of in-work support

Evaluation of Pathways to Work
Evaluating the employment and earnings effects of increased conditionality and support for claimants of incapacity benefits

Leaving Incapacity Benefit
Describing and modelling labour market outcomes among individuals leaving Incapacity Benefit

Poverty, Smoking and Lone Parenthood
Exploration of the reasons behind high levels of smoking among lone parents in Britain

The demand for meat
Analysing the decision to eat meat and the amount to consume