Youth custody - Educational influences and labour market consequences
How aspects of education affect the probability of youth custody and the effect of custody on the school-to-work transition

Using administrative data to improve labour market statistics
Exploring the potential to leverage administrative data for the production of labour market statistics

Encouraging the unemployed into sustained work
Separating entry and retention effects of in-work support in the UK and the US

The school to work transition
Visualising young people's early labour market transitions and estimating the importance of experience

Evaluation of New Zealand's Working for Families programme
Evaluating the employment and welfare effects of major changes to New Zealand's welfare system

Evaluation of Pathways to Work
Evaluating the employment and earnings effects of increased conditionality and support for claimants of incapacity benefits

Earnings Top-Up
Evaluating the employment effects of a piloted earnings supplement

Leaving Incapacity Benefit
Describing and modelling labour market outcomes among individuals leaving Incapacity Benefit