Papers under development/review

  • Dorsett, R. Basic income as a policy lever: a case study of crime in Alaska PDF [Project page]
  • Dorsett, R., Rienzo, C. and Weale, M. (2018) Censoring and Instrumental Variable Estimation: Biases in Estimates of the Relationship between Father’s and Children’s Years of Education Westminster Business School working paper 2018/006 PDF [Project page]
  • Dorsett, R. and Oswald, A. Human well-being and in-work benefits: a randomized controlled trial. NIESR discussion paper PDF [Project page]
  • Dorsett, R., Hendra, R. and Robins, P. Promoting Employment Retention for Low Wage Workers:   Evidence from the Texas Employment Retention and Advancement Evaluation. NIESR discussion paper PDF [Project page]
  • Dorsett, R. Efficient LATE estimates in experiments with non-compliance.
  • Dorsett, R. The impact of the Work Programme on young people. [Project page]