Project Description

Older workers’ transitions

This report uses 1993-2003 survey data from the Longitudinal Labour Force Survey to describe the characteristics of the over-50s and to examine their transitions between four labour market states: employment; unemployment; inactivity with some desire to work; and inactivity with no desire to work.  As well descriptive statistics, duration models and Markov models are used to examine the persistence of individuals’ circumstances, as captured by estimates of state dependence and duration dependence.


Cappellari, L., Dorsett, R. and Haile, G. (2010) State dependence and unobserved heterogeneity in the employment transitions of the over-50s. Empirical Economics 38(3): 523-554.  PDF – gated

Cappellari, L., Dorsett, R. and Haile, G. (2005) Labour market transitions among the over-50s.  DWP Research Report 296.  PDF


Department for Work and Pensions