Project Description

Evaluation of Individual Placement and Support

Individual Placement and Support (IPS) was developed as a supported employment programme for people with serious mental health problems.  It is based on eight principles and has been shown in numerous trials in Europe and North America to be effective in increasing employment.  This project is the largest trial of IPS to date.  It broadens the eligible population  to encompass any health-related obstacle to employment and it is is open to people who are unemployed or who are struggling in work.  The trial is being conducted in two areas – Sheffield City Region and West Midlands Combined Authority.  Trial recruits are randomly assigned using a bespoke web-based tool to IPS eligibility or to a business-as-usual control.  For those in the treatment group, employment support is delivered by specialist IPS caseworkers.  Outcomes will be capture through surveys and linked administrative records.


Newton, B., Bevan, S., Dorsett, R. and Gray, H. (2019) ISRCTN68347173 Sheffield City Region Health-led Trial protocol

Newton, B., Bevan, S., Dorsett, R. and Gray, H. (2019) ISRCTN17267942 West Midlands Combined Authority health-led trial protocol


Department for Work and Pensions; Department of Health


Institute of Employment Studies, Learning and Work Institute, NatCen, Rand Europe